Our Promise

 Why shop SARAJANEaccessories?    
It's really simple.
We promise to always deliver:
  • items that are unique, limited production, maybe vintage that are loaded with style
  • items that are not about designer labels or high price tags.  
  • cool things that will personalize you and your home.
  • items that you will connect with
  • accurate images
  • reasonable prices
  • customer service that serves you

  P.S. I have always known that having a personal style-expressing myself through fashion and in my home-was really important to me. My mom loved to tell the story of how at the age of two I refused to wear a very red and very ruffled Christmas dress.  No amount of pleading would get me to wear it. I must have known even then what worked for me and what didn't. (I still don't wear red or ruffles!)

  That's why we believe, from a very deep place, that the only style that matters is yours.
Thanks for stopping by!
Sarah Jane