Go Glam: Pearls & Bling

Whether you just want to add a little bling to that LBD or are
about to walk down the aisle-we've got you covered. 
Go Glam: Pearls & Bling
Gold Chain Bracelet With Jewel

Gold Chain Bracelet With Jewel


Gorgeous navy blue Swarovski crystal (12 mm) stone on the end of this bracelet adds the perfect glamorous touch. Mix it with other pieces or on it's own. 14 kt gold finish Add the beautiful drop earrings to complete any look. Read more

Gold Wire Crochet Choker


Gorgeous! Subtle, but it makes such a pretty statement. Feminine and modern. It catches the light in a flattering way. Very soft and pliable for comfort. 18 kt plated gold wire. Add some crochet earrings or one of the bracelets to really be on trend. Read more

Jeweled Bracelet


Hand set with Swarovski crystal, to call this piece eye-catching is putting it mildly!  Mix it up with other pieces for added glam. The color is blue/green-in some lights it looks blue and in other lights a rich blue/green. Hard to describe, easy to love.  14 kt gold finish. Bold 12 mm stone.  Don't miss out on the matching earring! ... Read more
Jeweled Earring Jeweled Earring

Jeweled Earring


Hand set Swarovski crystal earrings with a very special look. This stone is magical-sometimes blue, other times green-depends on the light. Tiny crystal chip adds a little sparkle. Old gold 14 kt finish adds to the glamour. Bold 12 mm stone. Don't miss the gorgeous bracelets with the same amazing stone! Read more

Perfect Bridal Pearl Earring


Tiny champagne pearl set in a jeweled cap with Swarovski crystal. So pretty! Hand set with an old gold 14 kt finish. They are small but make a powerful statement-the ultimate feminine earring. Read more

Feminine Chain Bracelet


Three beautiful strands of chain plus a Swarovski crystal come together to make this bracelet so feminine. The old gold 14 kt finish adds a vintage feel. Read more