Asian Accents

Vintage details from India, Japan, Bali
Asian Accents

Rustic Votive


This rustic votive, hand-crafted in India, is one of those pieces that looks great anywhere-inside or out on the patio. Read more

The Perfect Box


There are so many ways you can use this cool box. A special piece of jewelry, a love note, even pencils. You will be surprised to find it is made of plastic! We sure were. Read more
Etching Of Japanese Family - SARAJANEaccessories - 2

Etching Of Japanese Family


It's impossible to convey how engaging this piece is. The color and light are so beautiful. We have framed it in a simple red frame-leaving it up to you to display as you like. Mortimer Menpes is thought by many to be the most important etcher of the latter half of the 19th century. He traveled to India, Japan and... Read more

Carved Indonesian Mask


The wood and detail on this piece is incredible. This "Queen Mask" was hand-carved in Bali and is in beautiful vintage condition. Wherever you hang it, it will catch attention. Read more
Kokeshi Doll With Radish Hat - SARAJANEaccessories

Whimsical Kokeshi Doll


How clever is this doll? Part of the ancient Japanese craft of carving wooden dolls out of left over lumber, this girl really made us smile. Put her anywhere. She is happy all by herself or as part of your personal Kokeshi Collection. Let her start your collection! Read more

Pair of Vintage Otagiri Trays


Beautifully hand drawn cyclamen flowers make these trays very special. Perfect in any room or even on the wall. Thin line of gold at the edge adds a touch of elegance. Otagiri was a Japanese manufacturing company that imported items from 1958-1994. Everything was handcrafted and painted. Read more